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Everybody did a fantastic job with their parts and it was really fun to watch all of this come together into the final project. Collabs are awesome
The song is a jam too! I'll have to listen to that album soon...
A very good job to everybody involved! :D

It's me Kirby from real life. Thank you for having me. :)

Xploshi please help what do I do if I don't want to eat Fruits or Vegetables? D:

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This is sick.
I adore the feel of controlling the ship, and it's really fun to progressively breeze through these levels and escape the spooky ominous cloud. The music and sound is all really great too, and really fits the vibe. The art is also very stylish.
Nice job!!!

This is pretty good!
It has a ton of personality and I really like it for that, the animation is all really well done and really has character.
If I could give a word of advice on anything though, I think there should be a smoother transition when the map resets, because it can be a little disorienting when it just snaps straight to the different layouts.

BuzzerZero responds:

Thanks a lot for your comment!

So, my feelings are a little mixed on this game!
The Art and Music are wonderful- And I really like these characters, they're lots of fun and the writing has lots of charm! Great stuff with the general presentation- I also really love the Dual Screen thing going on, almost like it's a DS Game!
My issue comes in with the gameplay though- It's definitely not poorly programmed, everything was working as it should but I think the design would benefit being a little different.

So as I played I ran it through my head a few times on how exactly I would go about improving it, and what my issues were in general, and i think I've come to a solid way of explaining it.

So, lets start with what I like:
Three Lanes! This is fun, I like this, I always love Rhythm games that strive for more unique and interesting ways of presenting the music to the player and changing the way they engage with it. At first I thought they were a little weird- But I grew to really like the fake black bullets. They were a unique way of reacting to the music and the way you moved to evade them ended up having a really fun flow.

But I think that's where my biggest issue comes in: Movement.
Let's compare the game to an actual instrument for a second, like a guitar.
When you're playing a Guitar, you have six strings, right? But in order to play any of those strings, you have to move towards that string, and then play it. I feel like the idea here reflects that of in-game- Except the resting position isn't really a thing with a guitar, and that's what creates a conflict for me while playing.
When a bullet is up or down, you have to move up and down, then hit- But when it's in the middle, you JUST hit, and it constantly threw me off the entirety of the time I played the game. It never felt fully satisfying, and it made it harder for me to fully master the controls.

But, I think an alternative control type could easily fix this issue:
Instead of moving up and down, we have three keys, each for one lane. Whenever you need to move to a different lane, you press it's respective key, as if you were holding down a string, and then you press Space to hit. A little like how something like Guitar Hero does it.
I feel like it's a good balance between the default control scheme and the toggle scheme. For me the toggle comes a little better to me than the default controls, but I feel it makes it difficult to move between the top and bottom rows, even when you can wrap around (my instinct is always going to be hit up to go up, haha).

If you read this whole like essay, thanks I guess!

Although the controls are a little weird, and I had trouble playing with them, I still had fun, and I'm glad I decided to sit down and play through the game. ^^

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I actually really love that idea if you might ever revisit it...
It sorta reminds me of something Lemon Demon would do tbh.
Also I like the acapella "do"s in this is good

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YEAH!!!!!!!! MORRIGAN!!!!!!!! WOOOO..
I want a new Darkstalkers game >_<

I really love the little Pico in the corner this is so good.

la creatura


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